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First Quarterly Newsletter - 2019

A year ago we launched our new website, social media, and tons of other features. Since that launch we've had a record turn-out of interested docs bumping us up to the 6th most visible and talked about specialty council! Of course, this is thanks to YOU!

If you've opened this newsletter (and any of the previous ones) you're taking action steps to let us know you're interested in our content. For you, the dedicated droves, we have MORE!

Online Membership and Features

As a reminder, memberships were to be renewed in the new year. If you missed it, we understand. Fortunately, there is a new online membership renewal so signing back up is simple. And don't worry, we've added an automatic renewal feature so there won't be any future relapses in membership.

Once you're all caught up, update your find-a-doc profile with all your business information so patient's can find you! Adding links to your page helps increase visibility and keeps it listed earlier in popular search engines. People are looking for Rehab docs... help them find you!


If you use social media, you may (or may not) be surprised to know WE DO TOO! We've added tons of videos to our YouTube channel, posted consistent evidence-influenced content on Facebook, and displayed click-worthy content on Instagram. All of this is available for you to share and keep your office pages up-to-date with superior content. And if you like the short and sweet version Twitter, we got you covered there too.

For Teachers (or anyone who lectures)

Are you teaching at one of our prestigious chiropractic colleges? Lead a school rehab club? Do you teach evening exercise classes or do health presentations on the weekend? Well, once again, we've got you covered! Our council is reaching out to some of the best educators and speakers in rehab medicine and creating a variety of content for you to sample from. Find lesson plans and club topics in our students tab (trust me, it's there). Check our resources tab for videos and research to share with attendees or medical offices. It's becoming quite the collection!

Rehab Symposium 2019:

Can't end the newsletter without mentioning our symposium. Seriously, it's the 20th year we've been doing this thing and it's a pretty big deal. We've got new vendors, speakers, a special challenge series of workshops, and a backstage tour of the US Tennis Association training camp. If you haven't signed up yet, you're REALLY missing out. You think the other symposiums are gonna have this kind of content? Oh, you do. Well, come anyway. We can hash it out and come up with better stuff next year!
If you'll be joining us, make sure you pre-order your polo with the new branding. 

Anything else?

What did we miss? Is there anything more we can be helping you with? With so much going on, it's really best to visit the site and see for yourself. And if you can't find what you're looking for let us know!

Thanks for reading.

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