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Nominations & Election Report - 2018

Updated ACA Council on Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation Nominations and Election Report

March 28th, 2018

                  I am pleased to announce that I have received four letters of intent from Jeffrey Tucker, Amanda Fischer, Abbey Crouse and Scott Schreiber for four ACA Rehab Council executive positions. The four candidates are eligible for the four positions based on the ACA Rehab Council Bylaws. I want to thank our four candidates for their interest and dedication to the ACA Rehab Council. Jerrold Simon, DC, DACRB, President submitted an Amendment to Article VIII, Section 1 of the ACA Rehab Council Bylaws. This amendment was approved by the ACA. The officers of this Council shall be:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past-President which shall constitute the Executive Committee. Jeffrey Tucker is running for President, Amanda Fischer is running for Vice President, Abbey Crouse is running for Secretary and Scott Schreiber for Treasurer all unopposed. There are currently no other candidates eligible for the election of the executive council positions based on the ACA Rehab Council Bylaws. The election will be held at a meeting on Saturday April 7, 2018 during the ACA Rehab Council 19th Annual Symposium in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Casino and Resort. The election will be certified by Michele Maiers DC, MPH, PhD an officer of the ACA.     

George K. Petruska, DC, DACRB

Nominations Chairman

Past President ACA Council on Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation

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