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Fourth Quarterly Newsletter

New online membership renewal

It's been an exciting year updating the website and technology offerings of the rehab council. As the year draws to a close, you'll soon see that renewing your Rehab Council membership has been simplified by going paperless! That's right, not only can you make your membership payments online, but you can sign-up for recurring payments too. Remember, your membership helps us keep chiropractic rehabilitation in the spotlight and supports our educational goals not only at the symposium but throughout the year. Membership comes with a number of growing benefits too, more of which you'll start to see over the next year (exciting stuff on the way!).

Visit our membership page and renew for 2019!

New diplomate spotlight

Closing out the year we're showcasing a past president who has done tremendous work for the council. Please visit our diplomate spotlight page and see why it's great to know Dr. Jerry Simon.

Last year stats

Everything from 2018 is looking up! A number of metrics have been used to evaluate engagement with the council and it's amazing to see how much progress we've made in just a year. We won't bore you with the statistics, but we're looking to meet the growing demand and continued interest by developing more social content and organizing appropriate events. Members, new and old, should reach out and see where you could volunteer to keep driving us ahead. There are all levels of involvement, so contact anyone from the council [here] and we'll figure out the right place to get you started.

Student poster's

There has been a lot of buzz around all the different colleges participating in our Centennial celebration. Currently, schools are conducting qualifying presentations to ensure their best and brightest bring the most current academic research and topics to the symposium. These students offer a glimpse into the bright future of our Rehab Council, many of which are excited to meet docs like you! The student poster contest is just another layer of ongoing education offered at our symposium and we're excited to share the experience with you in March.

*We hope you've enjoyed reading our quarterly newsletters this year. We're open to comment and welcome your feedback. Please reach out and let us know your thoughts by emailing [email protected] 

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