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Twas the Night

Twas the Night - Chiropractic Rehab Parody

Twas the night after treatment as I lay in my bed.
No pain in my body, neck, shoulder, or head.
I had done my prescription, slowly with care
In hopes that the symptoms would no longer be there.
I remember the day my head moved too fast.
My doc gave me meds and said "it won't last."
For sixteen years the pain got so bad
Always getting worse, it was driving me mad.
The string of events had led to this day
Where doctor after doctor hadn't known what to say.
What seemed a last hope there was one in the team
Who would finally help me realize my dream.
It started with history, a thorough report
Through five decades of info the doctor did sort.
Vital signs, physical, ruling out the real bad.
Then orthos and neuros to diagnose what I had.
A thorough exam, empathetic, and quick,
 I knew in a moment it was chiropractic! 

Assessments reliable, valid, true
Having learned from the best knew just what to do.
Like Kolar, like Cook, like Butler, and Murphy.
From Cumpelik and McGill, from Burton and McKenzie
Using Lehman, Liebenson, using Lewit, and Weinstock,
With Kendall, with Chaitow, with Janda, and Shacklock.
All Chiros are good but it must have been fate
to find this specialist, a Rehab Board Diplomate.
With their unique approach, it made me see,
I had what it takes to take care of me.
A positive attitude, the exercise that's right,
And some lifestyle changes was quite the insight.
I thought it was just cracking but really it's more
To consider so many things no doctor had before.
Leaving the office I felt charged and alive.
With this new plan, my health surely would thrive.
Thinking about the visit, I should tell all who I know.
Better outcomes for all, now to the chiropractor. GO!

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