Rehab Chiro of the Year

The Rehab Chiro of the Year award is presented to a doctor of chiropractic each year at the annual symposium. The recipient is chosen from among an exceptional list of doctors who have earned their diplomate in rehabilitation and who demonstrate ongoing commitments to promote the council and disciplines of the rehab chiropractor. Nominations can be made using our contact us page.

2019 Rehab Chiro of the Year

2019 Rehab Chiropractor of the Year

Dr. Robert Benningfield

Past recipients are listed below:
2018 Dr. Scott Schreiber
2017 Dr. James Ropicky
2016 Dr. Chris Amato
2015 Dr. Brad Wildberg
2014 Dr. Craig Morris
2013 Dr. Maria Perri
2012 Dr. Jeffrey Tucker
2011 Dr. Tom Fowler
2010 Dr. Alf Garbutt
2009 Dr. Pamela Tunnell
2008 Dr. Terry Shaw
2007 Dr. George Petruska
2006 Dr. Dave Juehring
2005 Dr. Jerrold Simon
2004 Dr. Don Fedoryk
2003 Dr. Jan Sharp
2002 Dr. Kim Christensen

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